After sentence construction, paragraph is the most important unit of any type of writing. A paragraph consists of three main parts that are essential to present each idea effectively. First comes the topic sentence that instantly gives the reader an idea about what you are going to write in the paragraph. Then there are body sentences that explain your idea and further elaborate the topic sentence. Last is the concluding sentence, this ends the whole paragraph and next paragraph begins with a new idea, if you want to avoid all this hassle you can buy custom research paper. There may be more than one idea in a paragraph, if that is the case, then each idea must be interlinked and nothing should seem to be out of place. Alternatively, it can be that a paragraph may not have any main idea and it may be a general description or a prologue to the further text.

For a term paper, it is important to have well constructed paragraphs because there may be many points that include in the main text so there may not be enough space for random ideas or haphazard placement of paragraphs, for this regard you can also hire the service of an expert by saying; write my custom paper. When beginning to write a paper, after deciding the topic and doing basic research, the writer must start with jotting down the main ideas that he wishes to include in the text. Then he must prioritize and categorize the ideas into groups that come under similar paragraphs. After constructing a mind map for the writing process, when the writing process begins it is important to keep a track of how the paragraphs are taking shape. There can be many types of paragraphs. They can be descriptive, narrative, illustrative, or critical. It is important to decide which idea needs what type of writing style. Following are certain points that can help to develop and structure effective paragraphs:

  • Begin with deciding the main ideas related to your topic and based on your research. Decide impressive and comprehensive topic sentences so that it is easy to understand what the paragraph will have to offer.
  • Construct the main sentences to support the topic idea and then elaborate and discuss with effective argument and examples.
  • Relate all your ideas and paragraphs to each other and to the main research problem. It is important to present all ideas coherently.
  • An idea can lose its importance if not placed at the right spot in the paragraph and the paragraphs must be placed in accordance with their relative importance